Fall Schedule 2005

Transfer Methods with Rachel Gross, Monday, October 3, 10am – 2pm.

In this four hour immersion workshop, participants will explore “lo-fi” methods for printing with photo-copied images. Techniques will include: inking photocopies (a.k.a. “paper litho”), to transfer images onto zinc plates or paper, using wintergreen oil, citrasolve, or acetone, and good old fashioned tracing. Bring lots of photocopies.

Fee: $60


Collagraphs with Jennifer Anderson, Tuesday, October 25 from 6-9 and Tuesday, November 1, 6-9pm

A collagraph is an intaglio print pulled from a plate constructed by collaging textured materials onto a hard surface. The materials create a wide range of tone and texture when inked , wiped, and printed on an etching press. No previous printmaking experience is required for this class.

The Visual Language of Monoprint/Monotype with Ilana Manolson, Saturday and Sunday, October 22 and 23, 10-4pm

Monotype and monoprint combine the spontaneity of painting, the sensuousness of printmaking, and the beauty of drawing. This workshop focuses on the experimental processing of ideas in order to come to a deeper understanding of, and ability to use, the individual artist’s personal aesthetic and visual language. We will explore a variety of basic monoprinting techniques, including: chine colle, collagraph, transfer printing, drypoint, direct application, and additive and subtractive image development. The workshop includes demonstrations of techniques, studio time to explore these techniques, group critiques, and individual critiques to encourage the development of personal visual language.

Unusual Textures from Unorthodox Approaches to Etching with Brian D. Cohen, Saturday, November 5, 1 – 6pm and Sunday, November 6th, 10am- 5pm.

This workshop will explore and discover unwritten techniques for creating texture on metal plates, including marbling, open bite, litho coal, intentional foul biting, irregular grounds, and variations of lift ground, soft ground, and aquatint. We will take a playful, improvisatory, and experimental approach to etching, departing from the beaten track of traditional intaglio techniques. Previous experience in etching will be helpful.

Drypoint: Tradition and Contemporary Methods of Image Making with Betsey Garand, Saturday, November 19, 10-4pm. (Includes Art of the Print illustrated talk on Friday evening, November 18, at 7pm)

This workshop will cover the extensive possibilities inherent in this non-acid technique developed in the late 15th century by the Flemish Master of Housebook. Various methods of drawing on the plate, wiping and printing will be demonstrated. Use a technique alone or with intaglio and relief processes such as monotype, etching, lift-ground aquatint and woodcut will also be discussed and demonstrated.

Not Just Linoleum with Javier Cintron, Wednesday, November 9, 6-9pm and Wednesday, November 16, 6-9pm

In this A to Z class, participants will work step by step in the relief process using a variety of materials including linoleum, bulletin board and cork. Further mixed-media will be introduced at the time of printing. There will be an introduction to artists from the past who used linoleum in their printmaking work, including Picasso, who used a single panel, altered multiple times, to create an edition of prints. Participants will create their own individual pieces, as well as a contribute to a collaborative print.