Friday, May 23, 10-4pm
$95 general, $75 members, plus $25 materials fee. Beginners to advanced.

A solarplate is a light-sensitized, steel-backed polymer used as an alternative to hazardous techniques. It is a simple, safe, and fast approach to etching and relief printing without using grounds, acids, or solvents. It is exposed with UV light and developed with ordinary tap water. We can work on transparencies with opaque materials, or scan and manipulate photographs or artwork, then print on transparencies. Next, the plate is exposed, developed, and printed. We will experiment with a variety of printing techniques.

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Saturday, May 31, Sunday, June 1, 10-4pm
$250, general, $220 for members, plus $55 materials fee

Printmaking is a rich and versatile medium and is perfect for making bold and beautiful images. However these finished prints can appear flat, or the reverse: high contrast graphic statements that neither stand out nor engage the viewer.

I have wrestled with this universal printmaking dilemma and through trial and error have developed some satisfying remedies. Image weaving is the name I give to these techniques that, when used on one print surface, weave together a rich and interesting result.

In this two-day action packed class I will demonstrate all my special techniques:

  • Drawing and staining with watercolor and acrylic before, during and after the print is being made.
  • Printing on renegade and untraditional surfaces such as shopping bags, envelopes, newspaper, ridged cardboard, receipts, ticket stubs, airline tickets, old diary pages, printed and plain Japanese papers, lace and clothing fabric.
  • Collaging these renegade pieces into the finished image.

Monoprint and Collagraph will be the primary image vehicles but will be fully intertwined with our other hand embellished mediums.

Finally we will learn how to edit, curate and make a large print from multiple smaller pieces using hand stitching or the French seam technique.

Please call to see if there are still spaces available: 802-295-3319 or email